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23 April 2003 Kathy's Song - Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne
Letra de 23 April 2003 Kathy's Song - Avril Lavigne
Verse 1
When i heard that you'd died
I was stabbed inside
I'll never be the same again
I've lost a stranger yet i somehow lost a friend
Even though i never knew you
From the moment i heard i knew
So short was the passage between life and death
That i needed some time to take a breath
So young girl this song's for you
And your life lost, so young, so new
And you never realised
That so many would lose their sleep tonight

So don't tell me
Not to cry
Cuz i'm hurting
Inside, outside
Young girl, you're to young to die
I heard your ambition's high
Now look me in the eye
And tell me that i shouldn't cry

Verse 2
I was there from the start
When i heard, i gave my heart
I can't connect how i feel
With what happened, or what's real
You felt the fear and then the blow
You couldn't say goodbye before you go
I can't sweep aside what i feel
I can't sweep aside, it's so real
The cruel world let you die
So why do i feel like i shouldn't cry
I was choked up inside
The day that you died


I'm feeling like i've got no right
When there's others who won't sleep for nights
I'm feeling like i'm daft to feel this way
But i can't hold it back another day
These tears, this song's for you
There's nothing i wouldn't do
To let you know i care
But a stab to my heart unprepared
Left me feeling outta life
The day that you died

Chorus x 2

Every time i read those words
My heart gives in
I'll never get over it
It won't kick in
That you're gone
I'm sorry that you're gone

Dedicated to kathy

23 april 2003

Harriet if you read this i'm sorry

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